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Released June 22, 2010 for Rock Band
Miley Cyrus 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Breakout (2008)

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Never would've guessed... DoofiestDoofz
I was shocked when I played this song for the first time. This song is easily one of the most unexpectedly entertaining songs in the game. It's upbeat, and it has just about no downtime, or boring parts when it comes to drums.

You start out playing this roll of reds that break every few notes, with kick drums placed underneath some of the reds, and in between some more. This is played for all of the verses.
As soon as that chorus kicks in, it's a basic drum beat with some ghost notes that have you bouncing around the kit, but because of the feel of the song, and how upbeat it is, it's insanely fun.
During the second verse, the red rolls come through again, this time with triple hits at the same speed of the chorus' ghost notes placed in there. As the verse swaps to the second chorus, you get the first drum roll of the song.
The chorus slides through again, then another section with the red roll. Somewhere during this part of the song though, the fastest roll comes in, which is actually pretty difficult to hit.

Believe it or not, an FC of this song could be impressive.
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