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Released April 19, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Tutone-Ality (1981)

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867-5309/Jenny (Rocksmith)
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If You Get This One Rhythm, You've Got This Chart's Number Karmeleaux
Hey, this is a pretty fun bass rhythm for the verse. It follows the rhythm guitar (the chords), which means song decent fret movement and a short scale. It's pretty fun.

The pre-chorus is not as much fun, quarter notes on green with short fills before returning to that. Luckily, it's very shortly before we get to the chorus.

Which is the same as the verse rhythm. Now to be fair, this shared rhythm has some minor variations throughout the song, the most notable one being where it fills every blank spot with a note, equating to an interesting strum pattern change.

The bridge is sustains with a few short fills in there, then it's back to the verse/chorus rhythm for the guitar solo.

So it comes out to average. The rhythm is fun, but it's most of what you're playing. There's enough changes in there to make it passable overall, but it's not going to pull in anyone on its own merits.

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