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Released August 18, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: Imaginary Friends (2010)
Author: Magnet

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How do you pronounce this?
08.18.11 6:26pm 6 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Santa - It still says "Doppelgu00e4nger" in the quick friends updates, so I still find it funny... Reply
08.18.11 8:40 pm
Dog - Quiet you! Reply
08.18.11 7:55 pm
Karmeleaux - What else is new? Reply
08.18.11 7:50 pm
Dog - Great, its been fixed. Now I look stupid. Reply
08.18.11 7:49 pm
Dead Player - Good question. The Ä (or Æ in Norwegian writing) is pronounced somewhere along the lines of "Hae" with a silent H, so I guess it would be pronounced "Doubleghaenger" in English. Reply
08.18.11 6:54 pm
Santa - Dah-pull-guh-slash-you-oh-ee-for-en-ger Reply
08.18.11 6:51 pm
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