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Released October 20, 2009 for The Beatles: Rock Band
Abbey Road
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Album: Abbey Road (1969)

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Simply Fantastic Holy Div3r
Ringo Starr was never known for his drumming skills, but the Abbey Road Medley provides one of the most interesting, active drumming experiences you could play in The Beatles: Rock Band. For being a Sixteen-Minute *song*, I never found myself bored at all playing it.

You Never Give Me Your Money
A great opening song, plenty of fun fills. Simple beats, yet still fun to play.

Sun King
Slow, mellow, and very slow paced. Mostly the entire song consists of slow tom drum hits on the blue pad, with the occasional cymbal hit on the green pad. The dreamscape is very warm feeling, and the song itself is easy enough to play while still enjoying the scene.

Mean Mr. Mustard
A good change of pace from the previous song. Really simple, with some quick rolls that could trip you up, if you're not expecting them. Other than that, just a simple beat. Catchy song, as well.

Polythene Pam
One of the more challenging songs in the Medley. There's constant bass, which could be challenging for those without coordination. At the same time, you're doing different rolls on the green pad, and hitting the snare occasionally. A very fun song.

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
Another fantastic drum song. Similar to the first song in the Medley, it contains simple beats, and a variety of fills. The thing I love about the Medley is that the drum fills never seem to be the same.

Golden Slumbers
Another change of pace. A slow, emotional song. Sadly, there isn't too much going on with the drums. A few drum fills, and a simple beat.

Carry That Weight
More active than Golden Slumbers. Good drum fills, simple beats. You know the drill by now. The dreamscape also has some unique color effects, which are fun to watch.

The End
The highlight of the Medley. We all know about this song, by now. Possibly the most challenging, due to the drum solo. Just as fun as it always was, nothing to explain.

Her Majesty
A quick little song to wrap up the album. Just a Yellow pad, Green Pad, and bass hit at the beginning, and you're done!

Overall, I highly reccomend you pick up Abbey Road as a whole, so you get the fantastic Medley. Definately the best experience I've had with The Beatles: Rock Band.
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One of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had was playing this song.
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