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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Toxicity (2001)

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Average, In the Sky Karmeleaux
A weak three-star I'd say, in that all of the rhythms are weak three-stars and nothing ends up taking away to negate that.

During the part of the verse with vocals, you're strumming blue. The strum pattern here is the focus, and it's varied enough to keep you engaged for how short this is each time it comes up.

After the vocals in the verse, you play four green eighth notes then hammer-on to an orange sustain, repeating three more times moving to a lower note for the sustain each time.

For the chorus, you play the root note of the guitar rhythm. Obviously not as difficult as the full guitar rhythm, but it moves around the fretboard nicely, slowly scaling around. The first chorus also chooses to do the notes staccato instead of sustained like later choruses.

All together, not a terribly impressive chart, made up of two alright rhythms. But nothing really ends up grating and it has enough sustenance for fans to get something out of it, I feel.

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