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Released June 19, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Avenged Sevenfold (2007)

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RBAddict666 - "I cannot believe that this is only Tier 5. The guitar solo s..." -- Read more
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Time for a drums review... Rimex
This song's very fun on drums to me. It's another song I don't get tired of playing. I love Avenged Sevenfold very much, so I HAD to get this. When I first started playing drums, I started playing this as one of my starter songs... yes, it was hard at first. Once you get the hang of it though, it's fun and a great song. Doesn't take double bass, and isn't frustrating if you ask me. If you've played Bat Country, a lot of parts in this song are similar to Bat Country's drum chart... just a bit slower and less bass parts in similar parts between the two songs. I recommend it if you're an Avenged Sevenfold fan and like moderately challenging drum songs.
08.03.10 11:32pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Most Undertiered Song Evar? Dead Player
Now, Avenged Sevenfold is a band you either hate or love it seems, but we can all agree most of their songs are very fun to play. But is a song that claims to be tier 4 and still have a tier 666 worthy solo still entertaining, or is it just frustrating?

The song starts off with some violin parts before going over to your average metal-lead riff, and then going to the main riff, that is actually very challenging. The riff is goes something like B/O/B/Y/B/O/B/Y/B/O/B/Y/R/G pretty fast, so you might wanna practice your hammer-on skills before starting. After a few repeats, the song goes over to a few other (and alot easier) riffs before starting the first chorus, where alot of easy chords give you a well deserved break and a point boost.

Now the same happens for the secound verse, before going into the bridge. First you get some slow tripple-strums (3 strums in a row) and then some even slower singlestrums and sustains. But this is all a trick to make you think the uppcomming doom is not there. But it is, and it will send you to your death and indeed your afterlife faster than you can say "Hey, this isn't so hard afterall".

The solo starts with a bunch of snakes, some scaling and then a riff. But after that, hell breaks loose. Notes go up and down the scale faster than Jesus's hotrod on jetfuel, more and more comes and then, the final blow: The R/G/R/O/RANDOM NOTES snake-thingy zigzag part of ultimate doom! If you don't have OD here, you are sure to fail out. And yes, this comes from somone who have beat Satch Boogie without the solo frets. You WILL fail without OD!

If you actually survive this, you get a cake and a final celebration chorus to tell you "Hey! You rock! Have some easy notes to celebrate your victory!".

Is this a doozy? O yes. Is it undertiered? You betcha. Is it frustrating as hell? Well... no, it actually isn't. With some practice on timing, finger agility and OD use, you will sure beat it after a while, and the feeling you get from that is undescribable. Also, when you play the bridge and knows the doom of Ho/Po rain is comming, the adrenaline inn your body starts to rush pretty fast, and there is very few songs that manage to do that. Buy it if you like Avenged Sevenfold, or if you want a very challenging, yet extremely fun song. Also, it kick's ass on drums and vox aswell, even though it's not that hard on those.

Pros: Cool riffs, a good doze of variation, insane solo

Cons: Undertiered, might scare some people away with it's difficulty
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Fallout Phoenix
Afterlife is a great vocal gem. The only part where you'll left in the shadows is the actual solo which is rare in a metal song. The pitches are fun and while it can get repetitive, you can get back into it after not playing it for awhile.

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Many, Many Playthroughs Killed the Original Fun a Bit for Me Gigakoops
I've played this song so many times unwillingly, and this playthrough wasn't as much fun as I had hoped it'd be. Sure, there are still moments that are fun, such as the verses and those sweeping HOPO riffs, but for the most part it's no longer fun.

This isn't a typical review, because it's more personal than technical. I have grown to generally dislike the song itself, and the spamwall of notes labelled as a solo really isn't fun anymore. Rock Band helped kill my love for this song, and in a way that's good, because there are so many other, better songs out there.

If you still enjoy it, good I guess, but in 2013 and after a zillion playthroughs it's become a choir to play.
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Insane solo-age... very difficult song all around. Wouldn't recommend unless you're an ace guitarist.

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06.19.08 2:00am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Fun song.
Guitar- Very, very fun song. The solo is darn near impossible, but you shouldn't care! The chorus is easy, almost right before the first Chorus, and after the first Chorus Guitar part is challenging, otherwise, besides the solo, very fun song.
Bass- Same as guitar, minus the solo. Simple song, not too hard, not too boring.
Drums- Very easy song. Get the beat down and you'll have an FC in no time.
Vocals- Any a7x fan can 100% FC this song on it simply. Easy song. Not high notes or anything.
02.16.12 1:55am 2 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
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