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Released July 10, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Live From Kansas City (2009)
Author: WaveGroup

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A Grand Bass Part Karmeleaux
Ah, five-star reviews. The classic conundrum: Generally, if it's great enough to earn this rating, it's too great to try to summarize. But here we go.

Now, intro/chorus rhythm is the main rhythm you play in this song. It scales around the fretboard, which would be fun enough on its own, but it routinely throws a green pull-off in there to make the rhythm play different than how you'd expect, and this only adds to the fun.

The verse rhythms are the weakest part of the song, largely alternating between yellow and orange sustains, but they're fast enough to be decent fun ignoring the short HO/PO chains and variations sprawled throughout the song.

And of course, Widespread Panic is a jam band, and there's definitely a jam part in there. Not to mention there's also a build-up from the verse into the chorus that's a slow scale around the board. It's just really fun.

Not much to say in short, definitely worth a look if you like bass.

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