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Released February 11, 2011 for Rock Band
February Heartache Duets
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (2010)

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This song is a bit more difficult on pro keys than the difficulty rating would have you believe. There's no chords or melody even. All the keyboards are really playing is eighth notes, mostly arpeggiating some of the chords. That said, the song can be kinda tricky, as some of the notes jump around a bit, often leaping as much as an octave. Also it's in the key of F# minor, which can be tricky if you're not used to using the black keys.

Overall, it's pretty fun. 4/5
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It's Three Riffs, One of Which Is Only At the End Gigakoops
There's essentially three riffs in this song. The first being the chorus riff, which is two measures of power chords. You have eight R-B chords, four Y-O chords, a HOPO green note and four G-Y chords. That's the entire riff, and you repeat it a ton.

The second riff has you going up the neck slowly and pressing the blue gems a few times before hitting some lower notes. This riff is also two measures long, and repeats a ton.

The final riff doesn't appear until after the final chorus, which essentially follows the keyboard and has you going up and down the neck for two measures before repeating.

It's three different riffs, none of which are truly interesting. It's obvious this was meant to be a party song, and if you want a really simple chart you can sing or rap drunkenly to, here ya go.
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In true hip hop fashion, the drums in this song get fairly repetitive, without much in the way of fills to break up the sections. Luckily, the actual beat of the song isn't a bad one.

The song throws two beats at you. One during the chorus, which is fairly standard, and one during the verses which gets a bit trickier. Both feature some syncopation on the snare, and on top of that the verses will throw in some quick double taps on the snare, as well as a pretty uneven hi-hat pattern.

It might be worth checking out if you're into hip hop. 3/5
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Instrument Played: Piano Dr Sardonicus
Airplanes is a great song to start out with if you're not used to a lot of finger movements. There is not a single chord throughout, and there's only one sustain. There's no playing for the first half of the verses, but you're fingers move a lot when you do play. While the patterns seem random at first, you'll find that they flow very easily for your fingers, leaving it fun instead of randomly pressing buttons. There's only two patterns, one for the verse and the end, and one for the chorus, but both are moderately fun. This is a great song for players who are just starting on keys.
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Basic but fun FlamingClaw
I'm pretty sure that you guys aren't expecting much from a song like this guitar-wise and yes it is a little chordy, but it can still be fun to play if you are able to get 'into' the song, which I managed to do despite being mostly anti-rap.
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Airplanes - Vocalist Review Xtreme Nights
Alright, so I only heard this song on MTV before, so I was figuring, "This was an alright song." and then it was announced for Rock Band. I was like "Cool, I guess it could be fun.", so when it came, I was alright with it. This song brings some fun if you are into rapping, but if you are a vocalist who doesn't like talkies, this isn't for you. "Airplanes" is a good song for people who like Hip-Hop, but it is extremely easy that almost anyone could 'sing'. Haley Williams parts get repetitive after awhile.

So, what is my final view on this song? It isn't all that fun to a vocalist who doesn't like talkies. It is fun to sing if you like to rap. It is an easy Gold Star, but in the end, it only gets a 2 star from me.
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Really loved singing this song...drums i would have to agree very repetitive. keys and guitar not to bad would like more of a challenge but still fun to play
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The Keys in this song are really good but, the other instruments...

Guitar: Boring as Hell 2/5

Bass: Nice but sometimes is lame 4/5

Drums:Nice beat, fun to play 5/5

Vox: The only parts that are fun to sing are the Hayley parts 3/5
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I love this set of songs fun to play
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