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Released December 20, 2011 for Rock Band
Experience Jimi Hendrix 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Electric Ladyland (1968)

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A heavy contender for Guitar of the year! Poinkish
Well what can be said about this beast of a Guitar chart eh? It's one of the most balanced guitar charts I've ever played to date in Rock Band. It's a fantastic mix between fun and challenge, and it offers a ton of variety in the 4 minutes that this song runs on for. There's never a dull moment! Want to know why? Then read on!

Now, in most songs, choruses and verses act as a break between the solos to catch your breath and wind down a little, but not in "All Along The Watchtower", it acts as a bit of a break, but also a really fun workout for your reactions and hand-eye co-ordination. Outside of the solos you have parts with plenty of steadily strummed chords, single notes, and an overwhelming amount of hammer-ons that'll have your fingers snaking in every direction up and down the fretboard, there's even some really satisfying chord hammer-ons thrown in there too once in a while. It's a rarity that a song offers you a chance to practice every single Guitar technique avaiable in the game, but this song manages to do this even before the solos hit, which is a feat in itself.

Now, the solos, these are also really special. Solos 1 & 2 in this song are pretty short, but contain a really fun amount of hammer-ons that complement the intro of the song nicely, and it really eases you into the song to prepare you for what lies ahead in the latter solos.

The third solo in this song is another great example of good charting and easing the player in to a routine as well. The first 60% of the solo throws the usual assortment of incredibly fun hammer-ons that you grow accustomed too throughout the song, but also throws in some great alt-strumming strings of single notes that accompany the hammer-ons nicely. You also get a nice little laid-back section about 25% of the way in that lets you try out a slow combination of three note chords, and two note chord hammer-ons.

All of these elements come together in the last 40% of solo 3 which has you alt-strumming some pretty fast chordy parts with some chord hammer-ons thrown in too to ease the stress on your strumming hand. The way that the first half of the solo eases you into this half of it is so good that you barely even notice, you're prepared enough to tackle this part because the song has got you into a routine of doing similar stuff already! Overall this is a really fun solo and a fairly tough challenge for the more experienced Expert players out there.

Solo 4 basically tests your grasp on everything that you've been doing so far in this song, with long runs of single note alt-strumming and chord alt-strumming that changes the amount of notes strummed each time regularly, switching up and down a little on the fretboard as you go. All of these elements come together to form what in my opinion is one of the best overall Guitar charts in the game. A must-own for any Guitar player in my opinion. A contender for Guitar chart of 2011.
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