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Released October 16, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Tuesday Night Music Club (1993)

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More low tier keys like this please HMX. Poinkish
Gotta say, for a lower tier Keys chart, "All I Wanna Do" offers a pretty strong example. Throughout the song you'll be playing a series of single note keys, and two note keys throughout which gentle shift from the right side of the board, to the left, with some slightly offbeat pattern shifts from time to time, it's a fully engaging chart, and even throws in a possible combo breaker at the end of those of you not expecting it. Worth a look for keys players I reckon.
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A strong bass chart. Poinkish
"All I Wanna Do" is one of those songs that's surprisingly robust across pretty much everything, and the bass is no exception. Throughout the running time of the song you'll be constantly moving up and down the fretboard hitting a barrage of steadily descending single notes, throwing in some gentle one note hammer-ons too allowing the player to ease up on the constant strumming once in a while. It's a engaging ride, and one that won't leave bassists feeling ripped-off or left in the dark. Complementing the great Guitar chart quite nicely.
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One of the best Pop guitar charts to date. Poinkish
"All I Wanna Do" is one of those pop songs on Guitar that doesn't fall into a completely predictable and repetitive pattern, there's a decent mix of different parts going on here.

It all kicks off with a REALLY fun alt-strumming section that'll have your fingers zipping back and forth between red and green notes, and it even throws in some chords, lower neck movement and hammer-ons throughout, whilst also throwing some pretty odd pattern changes every couple of seconds, a great start!

Then it transitions into a laid back country-esque twangy guitar part, experiment with brief hammer-on snaking, and even some fun chord hammer-ons too. There's a nice bit of variety here and it's not taxing on the fingers either.

Then comes a section with some pretty fun steady strumming, having you switch between three note chords, two note chords, and single notes throughout, it's more upbeat and a good contrast to the part before it. There are all sorts of little variations on these two parts during the course of the song, and they never play out the same as they take it in turns throughout.

There's also a pretty neat string of notes at the end that have you playing a 5 note hammer-on snake before ending in a hammer-on chord. For a pop song, this is a genuinely great chart in my opinion. Recommended.
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