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Released October 23, 2013 for Rocksmith

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: All I Wanna Do (2013)

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Shoegaze Into the Abyss Karmeleaux
Major Techniques: Accents, Shifting, Patience, Slides
Minor Techniques: Gallops, Scale Runs

Largely a four bar refrain for the verses and post-verses, with the only variation in the twice repeated chorus.

Education Value: 4/10
Despite there being only two major rhythms in the song, one of which is probably about three minutes of this 3:40 song, there's a decent amount one can learn from dissecting this song. It teaches players just starting out to move their hand more, and players with a bit of experience to experiment with small scale runs or throwing in gallops. Nothing mindshattering, but it's got a fair bit to pick at for inspiration when you're first starting out.

Entertainment Value: 3/10
Unfortunately, because of there being only two major rhythms in this song, one of which is probably about three minutes of this 3:40 song, once you've learned the general idea of any of the techniques presented in this song, there's not really much reason to visit it for fun's sake. It's not awful, but it's repetitive and doesn't offer any reward to players beyond a certain level.
10.21.15 12:13am 1 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Karmeleaux - I've been on and off with doin' written Rocksmith reviews, so I thought I'd give it a try while going through some disc songs. Any feedback is welcome, this isn't something that simple to review. I feel like I have a decent layout in mind, but if people struggle with it I'll adapt to feedback. Reply
10.21.15 12:15 am
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