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Released February 14, 2012 for Rock Band
Gold Star My Heart 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Bad Animals (1987)

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Alone (Lips)
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One of the best key parts so far this year! Poinkish
Well for this part to be the highest rated part of the song is to be expected, considering it's the most dominant instrument on the track! For the most part you'll have your fingers travelling back and forth between single notes, and 2 note keys, with some 3 key sustains during the choruses. While it doesn't sound particularly interesting, it all blends together really well, and it feels satisfying to play. Much like "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" from last years pack, the keys are the focal part of the song along with the vocals, and they're both a total blast to play. First "Head Over Heels" and now this, the rest of the year's looking pretty promising for keys players if songs like these keep coming!

Key players, buy this song!
02.15.12 3:10am 1 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Weakest Bass of the week. Poinkish
Sadly "Alone" suffers from a lack of variety on bass. You'll mostly be playing long sustains, with the occasional chord sustain and a few single notes thrown in every minute or so, it never switches up, or does anything different to break the monotomy, the only thing that saves it from getting 1 star is the fact that it's not sparse and it's at least consistent in it's pacing. Unlike some of the weakest basslines I've played in the game. It's the weakest song of the week for bassists, and while I love the song, I'd recommend that bassists who are short on cash avoid this and go for "Never Wanna Give You Up", or "To Be With You" instead.
02.15.12 3:09am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Epic song, but a fairly average Guitar part. Poinkish
I frickin' love this song, probably one of my favourites from Heart, and I'm kinda glad they picked this first over the more obvious Heart hits, but the Guitar is sadly a bit lacking. It starts out pretty promising with some steadily strummed notes at the beggining that go all over the fretboard, but then after that you're mostly just playing chord sustains, with very little deviation away from that, but towards the end of the song comes a kickass sounding guitar solo that has your fingers snaking all over tghe fretboard with a nice mix of slow, and fast hammer-ons, it saves a somewhat unremarkable guitar chart from falling into mediocrity. Not a bad chart, but nothing particularly special.

Love the song, so I'd recommend it if you're into epic ballads!
02.15.12 2:54am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Awesome Vocals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cgpdude123
This is a great song for vocalists and the harmonies are excellent. There is a great verse and chorus and I think this the best vocal song in the Gold Star My Heart pack and I highly recommend it
05.26.12 7:48pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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