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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Punk
Album: Blink-182 (2003)

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Instrument Played: Strings Dr Sardonicus
Always isn't terrible, it's just pretty meh. The song consists of sustained chords throughout, and the chord patterns aren't bad. There's a decent amount of internal movement, and they move at a steady clip. There's two major problems though: In the beginning, there' a long time without playing, and the patterns get repetitive. However, it gets fun right near the end, with more movement, and a pattern of single sustains that are pretty fun. It's not remarkable, but I had fun with it, and it comes with Blitz, so I think it's worth playing a few times.
06.13.13 11:55pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Chords. Lots of them. moopuns
For this song, the bass mainly plays chords! The chorus is single-noted, and you're alt-strumming the entire time. Fun, for a calm song.
09.02.12 3:58pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Meh Dr Sardonicus
Blink-182 aren't known for their great charts. Sure, they're often fun on drums and vocals, but outside of the rarity like Stay Together for the Kids, the charts are often weak. Always is near the top in terms of Blink songs, but still average.

First, you don't start playing until halfway through the first verse, after which it's just straight strumming, and only on the highest three frets. Afterwards, you hit the best part of the song, a bridge consisting of alternating notes, starting at R-R-B-R-O-R, then with the red moving to yellow. This part does actually manage to be pretty fun.

This sis followed by the chorus for every Blink song, chords. Lots of them. It's got a decent amount of movement, but it's still pretty boring. This is followed by the bridge pattern, then by a verse of sustains. And I don't like sustains. This is followed by the bridge, the chorus, and the worst part of the song, the chord bridge. You play the normal bridge part, but it's now all chords. It's really annoying, and it gave me a bad hand cramp. After this are some sustains, the chorus, the chord bridge, and the ending.

Overall, this was pretty mediocre. There were some fun parts, but it's weighed down by the dullness or hand-cramping of the rest. It's decent, but not something I'll come back to.
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Calm, like a Bink-182 song is. moopuns
Let's get it out of the way right now: You don't buy Blink-182 songs because they're fun on guitar. This one fits the mold nice, but for what you play is very fitting for a chart.
It's great for voxtar, however.
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