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Released October 27, 2015 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: Burning Bridges (1983)

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Definitely the best instrument to play in this song Nicolas-1223
I always hoped that if we ever got this song on Rock Band, they would chart the tom rolls on this song. I had my doubts on how it would be done since the rolls and the main drum beat areplayed simultaneously, but Harmonix have not disappointed me here.

It's a very enjoyable chart and you play the tom rolls regularly, sometimes on top of the main beat. When you're not playing the tom rolls, you're playing a straightforward hi-hat/snare beat, but thankfully that doesn't really get in the way of the fun factor.
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Keys on guitar...whatcha gonna do Nicolas-1223
With Rock Band 4 removing keys, I can assume we're going to see more charts like these in the future. Though we did get a small amount of these after Rock Band 3 for extra keys parts (e.g. A Whiter Shade of Pale) I'm sure they'll start popping up more now that keys are gone completely.

There's not really much to say about this chart. You play a very simple synth melody with some minor variation, but it's not all that redeeming.
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