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Released October 2, 2012 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: From Chaos (2001)

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Amber (Lips)
Amber (Rocksmith)
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Chill, and fun! Poinkish
I absolutely LOVE Amber. It's one of the most chill, relaxing songs I've ever listened to that isn't ambient or an atmospheric piece. It all starts off with a gentle hammer-on pattern that moves from one end of the fretboard to the other. It's a fun start to what is a pretty simple song.

After the opening riff you get to play a slow series of chords that move up and down the Guitar neck, kind of reminiscent to Bob Marley's songs. Then you get to play a surprisingly fun solo that throws a series of gentle chords at you that change their spacing often, even throwing in some fun chord hammer-ons too.

Towards the end you get to play some 2 and 3 note chord sustains, as well as some pretty fun hammer-ons right at the end of the song.

Taking the songs relaxing atmosphere and length into consideration, this is a great song, and I'd have no problem recommending this to anyone. My favourite of the week.
10.02.12 10:17pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Whoa! Very nice! Poinkish
Kinda shocked me, but I loved the keys for this song. Much like all the other instruments in the song, it's pretty relaxing but it shines through with moments of pure unadulterated fun. Throwing fairly long strings of single key notes at you, and some fun, bouncy 3 note patterns during the choruses, there's even one part that is literally one huge note snake that ascends up the keyboard constantly. For such a relaxed song, this is a fantastic keys chart, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a chill, but incredibly fun keys chart!
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Green is the colour of this bassline's sheen! Poinkish
"Amber's" bassline isn't going to challenge you, or make you sweat, but it's a nice companion piece to the more relaxed Guitar chart, instead focusing on a more busy and active chart, giving you a nice relaxing mix of spaced out single note strumming, and some slow gallops too. It switches up and down the fretboard a fair bit, and it's consistent throughout. There are a few deviations from the general pattern towards the end too, to alleviate any concerns that the chart may get too repetitive. It's a chill chart, and entertaining throughout.

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I thought this song was going to suck on keys. I mean, Beautiful Disaster was terrible, and I couldn't even hear any keys in this song.

Turns out I was wrong. This is a good candidate for best keys chart of the year.

You play in unison with the guitar riff up until the first chorus, which is really fun-- you play some slow, arpeggiated four note chords that move around the keyboard that's fun without being difficult.

Afterwards, you play a series of reggae-style chords where you hit the root note, the rest of the chord, and then the root note again in rapid succession. It's pretty fun too.

(This is a good place to note that the pro keys chart is all white keys, bar one F sharp in the middle of the song. It makes the chart much easier.)

This is followed by some empty space and some snakes that mimic the guitar solo. Pretty fun, of course, but it's the next part that brings this song up to god tier.

You play this slow, continuous snake made of arpeggiated chords that keeps going up and down the keyboard and shifting in really fun ways. It looks a lot harder than it actually is, but it's just as fun as you'd expect.

Then you just do the reggae chords until the song ends.

So yeah. If you're only going to get one keys song this year, I'd go with this one, personally. It's hella fun.
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