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Released November 24, 2009 for Rock Band
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Live Anthology (2009)

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Overused Rhythm, Underused Scales Karmeleaux
When the bass comes in, it's largely long sustains, which isn't a great introduction (although it does have HO/POs in/out of them), but not around long.

From there, you enter a sort of (lower for HO/POs) G R Gr Gr~~~ rhythm, and it keeps moving down (up?) the fretboard. This would be pretty cool as an introduction rhythm to go into something else.

But It's the verse AND chorus rhythm, more or less. There's some small changes in the chorus (most notably you're moving back to the green from the blue instead of vice versa), but it's built around the exact same rhythm.

So you're playing this guy for a while. Eventually I guess you get to a breakdown. Where you place Gr Gr, pause, R Ryb, pause, B Yo. It's nice to have a change, but it's not particularly redeeming on its own.

Where this song digs itself out of the one/two star range is the scales. Very rarely in the early rhythms there's a small scale up or down the fretboard. After the guitar enters its solo, the bassist starts to get it, and throws a small scale at the end of each repetition. These are all HO/POs and very fun, it's really a shame they hid themselves until now, where most bassists unfamiliar with the song would be driven insane.

As such, it's probably not for everyone due to how monotonous the rhythm is overall, but I can say fans of Tom Petty who are bassists would probably dig the scales if nothing else.

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A solid guitar song with a great sound, especially for a live track. The note track itself is quite varied, and there's a tough, but not insanely tough, descending triplet line in the solo that might trip you up. Overall, recommended for guitarists.
12.16.09 1:24pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Really fun to play on guitar & the tricky lead at the end is awesome. Great song to sing as well. Bass, as most of his are, was very simple.
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