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Released April 2, 2013 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: American Pie (1971)

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American Pie (Rocksmith)
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Th-th-th-that's all folks! Edfan
Well, here we are at the end of the road. I personally cannot think of a more fitting song for this occasion (Closing Time, while awesome, doesn't do this series justice).

American Pie is Don McLean's most famous work. That 8-and-a-half-minute masterpiece that described "The day the music died." Normally, I'd dread playing a song that is so long because it would almost always have giant, empty spaces for vocals, but this is the rare case where it isn't.

The beginning of the song is populated by low pitches, but you're constantly singing. However, once you pass the first chorus, the song becomes faster and goes up to a medium pitch, still singing constantly.

Now, for about 5 minutes, you're singing with this medium pitch that never stops for long instrumental breaks or solos. Not only that, but there are plenty of minor changes in pitch, preventing the whole "copy-and-paste syndrome"

After a total of 5 verses and choruses, you're back to the low-pitched tone of the beginning. After another verse and a chorus, you finally sing the ending chorus that is accompanied by a... well, chorus.

The biggest selling point of this song is the fact you are singing nonstop for the entire 8 minute duration of the song. That's not even taking into account the fun in belting out the memorable lyrics and the pitch changes. If you don't buy it for the legendary vocals, then buy it for any other instrument, they're all amazing.

Finally, thanks a bunch Harmonix for the support. 5+ years of DLC is no easy feat, and you guys should be proud of yourselves. I've purchased hundreds of songs, and have no intention of stopping. Thanks for all of the memories and joys you've created through Rock Band. Never stop rocking.
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Gotta dig those Rhythmic Blues! Poinkish
So yeah, this is the final DLC song from Harmonix for a series that has ran for nigh over 5 years, as we're all very aware of, but enough with the sentimental stuff, on with the review!

Another week, another song, American Pie has secured it's place in musical history as one of the most iconic rock songs of all time, and a timeless classic, so how does this bad boy stack up on Guitar?

And the answer is "admirably well". American Pie is an incredibly varied song for an acoustic track, when the whole band kicks in, so does the Guitar, the remaining 6+ minutes of the song throws a steady, and consistent flurry of chords, single notes, hammer-on switches, and even some chord hammer-ons too.

There are all sorts of little tweaks and changes throughout that'll keep even the most experienced players on their toes, including some unusual three note chord hammer-ons throughout as well.

"American Pie" offers some of the best, and most consistent Guitar charting I've seen in quite a while, and as the final piece of DLC, it'll be a fantastic bookend to anybodies DLC collection, and a fitting end for the series. Can't recommend it enough.
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Bye Bye Bront
Rock Band got it's DLC Swansong, and oh, what a song it was. And on bass, it's got all the ingredients for a great chart.

Lots of fret movement - Check
Variety - Check
Reasonable Challenge - Check
Prominence in the Song - Check
Near Constant Presence - Check*

*This is an 8:30 song, and Bass is absent (along with some other instruments) for the first and last minute, but I'll call 6 straight minutes pretty constant

Difficulty wise, it's challenging mostly from a variety stand point. Players new to expert shouldn't find the song far out or reach, and and more experienced players may only find one or two sections difficult to keep a combo in.

Ultimately, it's a bass chart, which has different standards, but I'd ponder rating it a 5 if it was a guitar chart, so that makes it clearly a 5 on bass.

As a party song, it's hard to go wrong with a song that's active and fun on all instruments and very well known.

But seriously, if you're reading this, you're likely a Rock Band fan. So just get the song, and thank HMX for all their years of hard work on the game.
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The day the DLC died. Poinkish
Well, after getting the original rock band on release day, playing 8 RB games over the last 6 years, and with over 1,300 songs bought, today is the day I buy the final piece of DLC on offer from Harmonix, and on bass it stacks up pretty nicely.

After the first couple of minutes of keys and vocals, the bass kicks in, and throughout the remainder of the song, it's a strong blend of bouncy note switching, and a lot of steady strumming that moves up and down the fretboard, with a fair bit of hammer-on sliding thrown in for good measure.

For a song that's over 8 minutes it barely ever lets up, and it's thoroughly entertaining, and it never drags. As far as final songs go, bassists get a very strong and fitting finale.

So bye bye to the Rock Band DLC pie, but the good times and content to catch up on is far from dry. And the game is far from dead.
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Good bye Rock Band....for now Caleb
I know in my heart that we will have another rock band some day, but for now we shall give it a rest until sometime in the future.

This song is fantastic, I thought it was gonna be kinda boring on guitar, but it turns out I was wrong. It's got every thing!

It starts out with some basic acoustic notes played in a fun manner, until it speeds up and turns into electric guitar. The rest of the is a beautifully played stream of steadily strummed notes with hammer-ons every now and then. It's never the same, it keeps changing and changing until the very end with more acoustic parts.

This was a very fun song, and it made me cry.

Seriously, this game was amazing and this song was perfect to end it on.

Buy it if you have any respect for the series at all. :)
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Amazing song sageamagoo
This is a fantastic challenge on pro keys. Great song, great chart, and fun to play on all instruments. Harmonix could not have chosen a better song to end off with.
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Bye my Friend.. Mr. & Mrs DLCs Sgt_intropee
Awesome last song.. New DLCs will be missed :(
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