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Released October 15, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Grunge
Album: Hungry for Stink (1994)

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Part 1: Rise from the Pretend That We're Dead GEROMY
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, is spending his Friday nights at home, playing the greatest plastic guitar game of all time, namely Rock Band 2. And what makes it so great is its awe-inspiring soundtrack.

But a truth less universally acknowledged but no less endowed with the verity of truth is that frankly, RB2's veneration amongst the DLCQuiterati is owed solely to the presence of one song. I refer to L7's legendary "Pretend We're Dead," universally agreed to be the greatest song conceived in the megaannus of human music.

But perhaps you tire of just playing "Pretend We're Dead" over and over again. Maybe you

I can't even finish that sentence! There's no reason you would ever NOT want to play "Pretend We're Dead" ad nauseam.

But let's assume you are literally incapable of playing the song without going into a state of such pure bliss that you are left comatose, a condition which my health care provider assured me is not ridiculous in the least before he handed me my medical bill. You could play "Rebel Girl" over and over again instead, but that would just remind you you're not listening to L7. You could play "Welcome to the Neighborhood" over and over again, but that would just remind you you're not listening to Bikini Kill, let alone L7. You could play one of the other 83 songs on the game's set list, but the thought of strumming along to the hackneyed tunes of charlatans like Rush (objectivist scum), The Who (who indeed?), or Robert "Bob Dylan" Zimmerman (such a poser that he has to hide behind a pseudonym) should likely fill you with fear.

So in its stead, go to the Music Store and purchase "Andres." Its chart offers quite a different experience from "Pretend We're Dead," replacing the latter's pesky "steady quarter-note rhythm with slight fret movement" with a minimalist repetition of the same few imitations of the song's enthralling three-note guitar riff. So brilliant is this song's guitar riff that an obscure grunge group named "Black Sabbath" would later rip it off and drench it in reverb in their paltry imitation track "Electric Funeral."

In conclusion, this song should not be played more than two times in a row, and is recommended as a palate cleanser between repeat servings of "Pretend We're Dead" (which can and should be played fifteen times every hour). So, since that song is an obvious 5, I'll give this a 2, so when you add the songs up you get a(n) (L)7.
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