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Released September 1, 2009 for Rock Band
Talking Heads 01
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Genre: New Wave
Album: Little Creatures (1985)

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And It Was Average Karmeleaux
G _ G R~~~ B R G

Is the verse rhythm, though as with Psycho Killer it's decent fun to get into and it doesn't really stay long enough to grate.

The pre-chorus rhythm is sustain-focused, but moves around the fretboard and has a pick-up the same color as the previous sustain before going into the next. So yeah, it's also decent fun.

The chorus is somewhat similar to the verse in feel, but noticeably different. It's still got all the parts from above in there, but there's two small red and blue fills between it.

The second verse and pre-chorus omit holding the sustain - you still strum the note, so ultimately it doesn't really feel different, but it's a visual change that engages you some.

The bridge is probably the highlight, with some decent movement, sustains with and without pick-ups, and a slow scale up the fretboard. It's overall a change from the rest of the song in feel in all regards, and repeats twice before we're back in the chorus.

We go through the cycle of verse/pre-chorus/chorus again, with the fill at the end of the last chorus variating slightly for the very last measure. Overall a fun enough song for fans, but nothing impressive enough to attract people unfamiliar with it.

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