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Released December 20, 2011 for Rock Band
Experience Jimi Hendrix 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: The Cry of Love (1971)

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The Little Wing/Rainy Day of the pack! Poinkish
Gotta say, I was only gonna buy "All Along The Watchtower" but this pleasently surprised me. It's one of the more relaxed songs in the Hendrix collection and much like other Hendrix songs has a fair bit of variety going on throughout. It all starts out with some relaxed slow strumming involving mostly single notes and 2-3 note chords, shortly after through it goes from just chords and single notes to having some tricky hammer-on parts thrown in during these parts as well. All of this continues for the vast majority of the whole song, but all these elements switch up, and change their order around to mix it up throughout, which gives it a surprising amount of complexity during some parts. There's even a few steady gallops near the end of the song too. It all melts together into a very coherent and fun chart and it all flows extremely well. With some surprisingly chokable parts for a Tier 3 guitar chart, especially during the second half of the song. It's very reminiscent in sound to "Little Wing", & "One Rainy Wish", and the chart even feels like a bit of a mix of those 2 songs too. It's definetly worth a download for those who are looking for a more layed back Hendrix experience. Or just want a fun song to add to your music library. Reccomened.
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