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Released October 16, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: One-X (2006)

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Animal I Have Become (Rocksmith)
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Another Tier 0 Keys chart, another dissapointment. Poinkish
Same story as many other key parts this year. It's tier 0, so expect quite a few long gaps, but hey, at least when the keys do pop up, you get to play more than a couple of 2-3 key sustains unlike most bottom tier songs. You get a bit of movement up and down the board, playing a bunch of steadily pressed single notes. So hey, at least it's not totally redundant, but it's pretty damn close.
10.16.12 4:49pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Welcome to generic-ville, Population: This Bass Chart! Poinkish
As stated in the Guitar review, I like the song. But the bass, like the Guitar, sits on that safe, unremarkable line that many songs of this type do when brought into rock band.

You'll play a similar riff throughout, including that little zig-zaggy part that the Guitar likes to repeat throughout, as well as some basic steady single note strumming. It's nothing special, and for the songs running time, it does the job, but it's pretty unremarkable with no highlights of note.

Buy it if you like the song I guess. Can't really say much more than that.
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Like steadily played chords? Welcome to heaven! Poinkish
The only 3DG song I actually like, I'm glad we actually got this song in the game "Animal I Have Become" offers a fairly generic chart for this type of song, mainly short bursts of steadily played chords that slowly move up and down the fretboard, but there are a few little things that make it a tad more engaging than other charts of this type.

Mainly some steady single note strumming that zig-zags up and down the guitar neck between some of the chords, and some pretty fun 4 note trills too, to keep you on your feet. But for the most part, it's pretty generic. Not an awful chart, but nothing that stands out either.

Get it if you like the song.
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