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Released August 9, 2011 for Rock Band
Def Leppard 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Mirror Ball: Live & More (2011)

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And I want... And I need... Bront
First: I'll admit to not being ultra familiar with the original version, but this version is pretty good. It seems to be close to the same key as the original, and the instruments sound great on it. Don't pass on this just because it's live.

The actual chart is pretty good. One of the better ones in the pack. You get a pretty good variety and only have a few spots that are extremely challenging, with the rest of the chart being pretty accessable and having a pretty big variety. There's a spot that's pretty crazy solo-esque that I'm surprised wasn't considered part of the solo, while the solo itself is pretty tame, but it shouldn't fail out most people, as it goes by pretty quick.

Overall, this is a good, fun song on guitar without being too challenging. As a party song, the live versions always suffer a bit, but it's better than Pour Some Sugar in that regard (which is significantly different). It's a worthy addition to the pack, and a worthy addition to any guitarist's collection.
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