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Released August 24, 2010 for Rock Band
Disturbed 03
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Genre: Metal
Album: Asylum (2010)

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Weakest Link of the Pack HGinCT14
Here is the big song that everyone has been waiting for. Does it live it up to the hype? in my eyes, sort of. the main verses are ok to play but the chorus. I do not enjoy playing a song when Harmonix decides to chart the double bass and on this songs chorus, they do exactly that. Impossible is a fair difficulty. but it shouldn't be this hard. it could have been a good song

08.24.10 8:16am 1 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Decent, but not memorable. Much like all Disturbed, then. Lowlander2
After the supposedly easy to sing Indestructible album, we get a step up in the form of their latest (as of now) album, Asylum. The lead single is this one, Another Way To Die, a sermon about global warming and pollution.

David Draiman's voice seems to remain stagnant and never changes from album to album, but that's not really a bad thing. He likes to "bend" it and experiment with it a little more on Asylum, which explains this change in vocal difficulty.

Another Way To Die was quite hard to sing for the first time. I always ended up singing a note or two lower than was required, because I predicted that was how the song would go. Once you actually know the song, it's pretty easy, although i's worth noting that a lot of the phrases are really close to each other, so you may be running out of breath. Overall, this song, and this whole pack, will give you something of a challenge the first time you play it, but then starts getting less memorable as time goes on.
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