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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Vampire Weekend (2008)

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Bubbly Bass That's Too Short to Get Old Karmeleaux
The verse rhythm to this is pretty excellent, doing something like RRYRGGRGYYOYBYR~ which is a blast to play. Every forth one is replaced by a rhythm that moves around less is largely eighths on the yellow, which is fairly fun and keeps the other rhythm from getting old too fast.

The chorus rhythm is largely eighths on yellow with a GRYGRYGRYRY thrown in every now and then, which is an awesome part to play. They both repeat one more time and then outro with verse rhythm.

The bubbly verse rhythm and the short scales in the chorus are an absolute blast and aren't used long enough to get old to me, and the other rhythms aren't tedious enough to take away from their enjoyment (though it is a pain to upstrum). Were it any longer I could see it getting tiring, but as it stands I can't see a bassist not enjoying it.

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