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Released April 12, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Vivarium (2009)
Author: OffbeatEntertainment

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non_zero - "These guys are scottish..." -- Read more
Why Don't You Why Don't You Kick It? Edfan
These guys have a pretty interesting sound that, for lack of better words, sounds like a slightly scratchy Foo Fighters with a Scottish singer. Now that you have that mental image, let's get onto the review.

The "regular" is hard to pinpoint since the rhythm changes so often. It varies from single notes to chords to quick GRGRGR and RYRYRY Hammer-on bursts to even fast alt-strumming, often switching with little warning, depending on where you are in the song.

There are also small, very fast HOPO sections spread all over the chart that are almost guaranteed to break your combo and keep you on your toes.

Even though there is a lot of variation, several parts can be either pretty boring to play, in particular the short 2-chord bursts, or sometimes annoying, such as the alt-strumming that you wouldn't expect from a song with the guitar strumming so slowly. Despite a few "scrappy" parts, the song is fun for a majority of the song

So what do I think? The song has plenty of fun moments, although a couple of annoying HOPO bursts can ruin your FC's, but not dampen the experience. This song has golden parts for any guitarist, whether you like alt-strumming, HOPOs, or chordfests. It's by no means perfect, but it's definitely a guitar chart worth checking out.

Besides, you get to try singing in a Scottish accent. You don't get to do that a lot.
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