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Released December 11, 2012 for Rock Band
Toadies 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Rubberneck (1994)

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And I Confess It Flounders Karmeleaux
Man, the guitar part to this song has stuck with me since I first heard it long ago in the nineties, it's just so abrasive it's sticks in there. But this is a bass review.

And there's not much positive to say. The verses are decent, mostly three eighths - one green and the other two of another color. There's a small fill to hook back in on the fourth repetition, but it's played the same way each time.

The verse rhythm is decent. But it's also the best part of the song. The pre-chorus and chorus are both straight eighths with the pre-chorus containing only a short HO/PO chain and the chorus containing nothing to write home about.

The bridge is also straight eighths, but it at least has some slow scales and is SOMEWHAT engaging just for how that part of the song is structured. The first measure is 6/4, the next two are 4/4, structured in the way the extra 2/4 hooks in at the end of the 6/4 part. It's a fairly interesting part, but it doesn't really translate to an interesting bass chart here.

Ultimately, it comes out a below average experience.

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