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Released July 6, 2010 for Rock Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival 01
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Genre: Southern Rock
Album: Green River (1969)

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My little apocalypse m2cks
As I sit here, waiting for season two and flipping through Fallout: Equestria, I start daydreaming about how exactly the world might end, and how I would go about my daily life as a hapless (and arguably unfortunate) survivor. I would first establish what exactly wiped out the Earth, and then I would set my basic needs and goals. All of a sudden, I started thinking about hurricanes, lightning, and rivers overflowing. Yes, Bad Moon Rising is the perfect soundtrack to the Wastelander, and, ironically enough, could just be the happiest song about the apocalypse I have ever heard and enjoyed.

I got the song in Rock Band on day one, along with the rest of the CCR pack. I knew going in that the pack would be perfect for vocalists, and this song, thankfully, is not exception. Going in, if you are not really that familiar with the song, I would advise you to focus on the brief guitar intro, because the verses follow that melody exactly. John Fogerty loves the technique of "pitchslides", which means that a lot of the pitches in his vocals start slightly off, then readjust themselves immediately after. After you get over that, the verses are so simple that all three of the verses match each other to a T, right down to the very similar lyrical placement and timing. The only thing that mixes the phrases up slightly is the inclusion of some ad-libs, such as "well~" or "all right...", that Fogerty adds to the beginning or the end of certain phrases. They are not enough to really pay close attention to them, however.

The choruses, the most familiar part of the song, are, like the verses, near-exactly the same as well. There really is not much else to discuss about the song; it is less than three minutes long and the verse/chorus structure repeats until the end.

Now, normally I would rate the song are 3-4, but I feel like with this song I can make an exception because not only are the phrases fun to sing (and do not stress your vocal abilities too roughly),but the cheery doom-laced lyrics are absolutely hilarious to sing. That alone gives the song a 5 on the fun factor. All in all, I recommend the song to both fans of the song and those who just want something fun and simple to sing.
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