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Released March 16, 2010 for Rock Band
Lady Gaga 01
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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: The Fame Monster (2009)

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Bad Romance (Lips)
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Fallout Phoenix
Bad Romance, I would say is the best song in the pack (though if you like Lady Gaga then these songs are all amazing on vocals).

Bad Romance is probably the most varied out of the four, Just Dance and Poker Face try to make your lungs explode and Monster is sorta with Bad Romance but Bad Romance has varied pitches where if you never heard the song before (Which I doubt) you might have some trouble. The opening "Rah rah ah ah ah" piece is also very fun to do. The song goes everywhere on the vocal highway and is placed properly in the tiers.

The song also gets a bonus point for not censoring the word "bitch", the third song to not censor it in the lyrics and the fourth to not have it censored at all.

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