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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Glam
Album: Desolation Boulevard (1974)

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Alright, Fellas. Karmeleaux
The intro rhythm, which is also used in the verses between vocal parts, is focused on strumming the orange note with a green pick-up back into the rhythm. It's mostly a gallop, but there's a shuffle before the green to start it back over.

The verse rhythm otherwise is strumming straight fourths on a single fret, but it has two shuffle notes before it moves to the next fret.

The pre-chorus is empty space but it's short enough to not take away much, and then we have the chorus. Like the verse, it's straight fourths with two shuffles at the end, but it moves up the frets slowly during that rhythm. It also contains a repeated small HO/PO fill, and a few one-time fills. Probably the highlight of the song.

The bridge is slowly double-strumming orange with a pull-off to yellow at the end, but there's a few variations in strum pattern here at times of skipping notes or something, including one where you're double-strumming much faster.

We see all of these patterns at least twice, then the guitar solo/outro pattern. Which is just the intro pattern, but with orange sustains instead of gallops. Due to the length of the solo and the simplicity of this rhythm, this was the first and only instance of a rhythm grating on me by the end of the song.

The outro/guitar solo takes away a bit at the end with so many repetitions in a row, but otherwise there's enough rhythms with enough variation to be appealing to fans.

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