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Released January 7, 2010 for Rock Band
Paul McCartney: New York Live 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Good Evening New York City (2009)

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Classic Song/Classic Artist= Classic Sing Alluminated Guy
Yes, we all know who Paul McCartney is.
If you didn't you'd have to have been living on an island forever because whether you like it or not, Paul McCartney is the most commericially succesful artist ever.
After his Beatles career, he eventually created what is hailed to be the highlight of his solo career: Band On The Run.

Now the song itself is a landmark in Paul's career.
It defines his life, his music and his talent.
In singing this song, even if it may be life, the spirit of The Beatles lives on, and this song is closley represented to it.

To wrap it up, pick up this song on vocals for these reasons:
1. Highly Acclaimed Popular Song
2. Different Tones, Styles and Moods make this song more interesting to sing.
3. Closest to The Beatles on a non The Beatles:Rock Band Game.
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