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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Metal
Album: Metal Health (1983)

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Another Blitz Gem Dr Sardonicus
Hair Metal songs are usually a lot of fun in music games, due to their basic in three note structures and rhythmic solos. Luckily, Quiet Riot's debut in Rock Band succeeds in this regard.

You start out with the famous chord opening, which sets the mood for the whole song. You play this for a little bit before the verse starts, where you switch to slow three-note chords. After this, you switch to chords played at a decent clip. After this, you play the opening riff as the chorus, followed by another verse and chorus, until you hit the first of three solos. The solo is great, and it's filled with ho/pos, a big trill section, strum lanes, and fast strumming at the end.

Afterwards, you play the main riff again, followed by a bridge where you play a pattern on yellow that goes 1-2-123, until the 2nd solo starts. This one is easier then the previous solo, but it's still tricky, and definitely still extremely fun. After this is another chorus, followed by an ending solo that's just as good as the other two, after which the song ends.

Overall, this song was meant for a game like Rock Band. The guitar chart is excellent, and definitely one not to be skipped over. I give it a hearty recommendation.
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