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Released August 2, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Little Queen (1977)

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Ooohhh! Bront
If you've not heard this song before, you almost have to have been trying. If you've heard it, you probably know what you'll get. You get the iconic galloping beat (3 quick notes with a break) with a few notes or chord breaks in a few sections (not unlike a few Iron Maiden riffs). There's a few HOPO sections and escalating chord sections as well, and a fun but not to long solo as well.

What this chart lacks in variety it makes up in awesomeness. The chart itself might be a 3-4 star chart if it didn't come attached to a song and riff of such coolness. Beyond that, the gallops are a bit slower than in said Iron Maiden songs, so they're a good trainer for those songs (and alt strumming in general). It's a very well known song, making it great for parties, and a female fronted song at that to score you extra points with any ladies at your party.

Also, while I don't play Pro Guitar myself, I think this is the only song with Pro Guitar that has the gallop beat to it, which would make it good for Pro Guitar fans as well.
08.12.11 5:07am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
For me this represents the kind of kickass rock and roll song that has been all but lost in the past decade. Which is why it endures, I think. Never mind that they cribbed the riff from Zep's Achille's Last Stand, have you heard anything even remotely this catchy AND raunchy from a female lead in the past ten years? Well, maybe YOU have, but I haven't. You Oughta Know comes to mind, but that was TWENTY years ago... If you get a chance look up the Youtube video of this song from the 70's. Back when Ann Wilson was the medeival hotness.

Anyway... The drums are fun. :)
08.04.11 5:11am 2 Replies | Reply -5 Relevance
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