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Released September 1, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: City of Evil (2005)

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One of the best drum songs in the game Celastrus
Avenged Sevenfold is usually a blast to drum, and this song is easily my favorite of their content in RB. Lots of variety, lots of challenge, and lots of fun.

The song opens with the kind of beat that will be familiar if you've played Afterlife and moves into interesting and varied rolls. There's a lot of moving around between cymbals and interesting kick pedal.

There's a cool drum solo with several extremely fast rolls and a brutal reversing triplets run that I feel like I'll never play perfectly, but it sounds fantastic.

During the bridges you'll have to maintain an unbroken roll with kick pedal and cymbal work thrown in for good measure. A little tricky to hit the cymbal, I find, but it sounds good.

One minor problem towards the end if you're playing on pro drums, there's a part where The Rev is clearly playing on the ride but the chart uses the blue tom instead (after getting it correct for several bars). As long as you're paying attention it's not a big deal.

Overall, I don't think anything in the RB catalog that I've played tops Bat Country for variety and fun on the drums.
01.14.11 4:40am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
The first showing from their earlier album and a welcome addition to the RB library.

Let me explain why this song is worth purchasing if you've already played Afterlife and Almost Easy. It speeds up the pattern that is similar to the beginning of all three songs. The rolls are more dynamic with faster parts and more bass pedal -- definitely harder to keep your combo.
The alternating pads, bass, pads, bass is also faster and is followed by a very cool "slower" part that uses all four pads and offbeat bass.
Finally, there are a couple sections that start as a red roll with a few pedals and then add in a surprisingly tricky green pad. Watch the video to see what I mean (about 1:45 in).

Overall, I keep coming back to this song more than the other A7X songs because of its added speed, intricate rolls, and pure satisfaction when I hit a complicated section. A must buy for drummers as far as I'm concerned.
01.11.10 5:20am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
More Accessible Than Most Avenged Sevenfold Songs Gigakoops
Before I go on describing the chart, lemme just point out that the song is devil-tiered probably because of one part of the solo that has you strumming what looks like 32nd notes in pairs. IMO there's much harder parts in lower tiered songs *cough*Afterlife*cough*, and I find the song overtiered. But that does not take away from any fun factor.

We start the song with a mix of chords and HOPOs, as we strum down the neck and fret around a simple HOPO pattern. The verses start with chords, then transfer to strumming bits with rows of different notes. The choruses include simple chord patterns that have you going around the neck at a controlled rate.

We have a bridge of slow and steady eighth notes that go up, down, and around the frets. There are a few sustains spread around here, too. This serves as a nice rest section to allow some control before the solo.

The solo has a good mix of different patterns, ranging from HOPO chords to long HOPO chains and that one strumming segment I mentioned earlier that lasts less than six seconds. We move from there to another verse, then a bridge, which is essentially a mix between the opening with it's chords and the choruses with transitions from each chord. After this we have another chorus and one more slow bridge.

This song has a good bit of variety and doesn't let up for a moment. If for some reason you don't have the Avenged Sevenfold "collection" yet, and you plan on cherry-picking, make this one of your picks if you play guitar.
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BEAST rb2rocker
Probably the best song from City of Evil. Starts with an Afterlife type beat,but faster. Lots of catchy rolls,and a kick-ass fill in the solo. If you are a drummer looking for a challenging song,this is definitely worth the $2.
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Bat Country-Drums TGK Visions
Drums on this song is not easy. Should've recieved a devil sign next to it in my opinion. The intro is easy, but you'll slowly find out this song is not easy. If you are a drummer only and don't own any other instrument, and you're NOT a pro drummer, don't buy this song.
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Bat Country-Bass TGK Visions
This song on Bass, is even easier then Guitar, which is the case for most Rock Band songs. Most of the bass part is slow and relaxing, but during other parts, you just have strumming relatively fast playing one note at a time. Not exactly sure how to explain it..Simple song, very fun and an easy FC.
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Bat Country-Vox TGK Visions
This song on Vocals is pretty easy. I myself am NOT singer, but I have done well on it, and my 10 year old brother has FC'ed this song on vocals. Any A7X fan shouldn't have a problem with it. Definitely worth buying.
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Bat Country TGK Visions
This song on Guitar has devil next to it, which means it's really hard. Honestly, I have no clue why. This song is very easy and is possible to gold star within a few tries. The guitar solo does have a hard part to it, which is the only part I am struggling on to FC the song. The ending is easy, as is the pre-chorus. Shouldn't be a problem for anyone that's played Rock Band before.
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5/5 LostWoodZero
Really the Best A7X song

Guitar:5/5 nice rhythm, cool solo.
Bass:5/5 Same nice rhythm
drums:5/5 Hard but fun
Vox:5/5 really cool lyrics
02.25.11 10:57pm 1 Replies | Reply -6 Relevance
A7X FTW! Xx V1R4 xX
Best song off the album (maybe). Now the only other song by A7X I know that isn't on Rock Band is "Little Piece of Heaven". That one will be awesome =D
01.14.10 11:25am 1 Replies | Reply -6 Relevance
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