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Released October 23, 2013 for Rocksmith

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Genre: Metal
Album: City of Evil (2005)

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You Can Stop Here, This is Bat Country Karmeleaux
Major Techniques: Chord Box, Gallops, Slides, Root Note, Scale Runs, Strum Patterns
Minor Techniques: Hammer-Ons

While the verses are very heavily focused on strumming root notes with the only interesting thing of note being a slide, every other rhythm in the song offers something engaging. Small slides and scale runs decorate every other part of the song, making this a good song to visit for everyone who has at some experience on bass.

Education Value: 8/10
-This song honestly has a lot of neat stuff in it. The verses, as mentioned above, are rather sparse on it, but the intro riff has some small scale runs and the choruses have some strum patterns to keep things interesting on top on some as well. Even the guitar solo, which is based around the verse rhythm, throws in some strum pattern changes, and I think this is one of the songs where how simply changing the strum pattern of a section changes the feel significantly is evident, which is something a bassist should learn early. But really, the softer bridge sections of the song are the high point of the song for both learning from and playing along with, as the majority of these are small scale runs with some small slides and hammer-ons thrown in.

Entertainment Value: 7/10
-Mostly reiterating earlier stuff: The verses are pretty unremarkable as you're just playing along with the root notes of the guitar chords, but other sections of the song all have stuff to draw you in. Unfortunately, the verses drag the rest down enough to where beyond a certain skill level I imagine most players rather just play the bridges and other parts without even having to suffer through them, unless they're into playing that sort of rhythm as well.
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