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Released February 15, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Here Waits Thy Doom (2009)
Author: WaveGroup

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Bullsh*t Chart Caleb
This song is pretty cool. I bought it because it was on the Skate 3 soundtrack and I thought it sounded pretty cool. It's a pretty awesome song, but I learned a valuable lesson that I should take to heart...ALWAYS LOOK UP THE CHART.

I am writing this review as a warning and hopefully start a trend of reviews that warn the buyer of what they are getting into.

So the song starts off with the main riff which is like a chugging section with ascending chord notes. The main chorus riff is chord sustains with some gallops every now and then and the outro is probably the most chokeable, since it throws an odd stream of gallops and chords that will confuse the heck out of you.

All of this offers a nice challenge and can actually be fun to play...that is until you notice what is wrong.

There are two solos and a bunch of interludes with scales and chugging scales a plenty....what is wrong however is how you play these parts. You strum them! That's right every part that should be hammer-ons are forced strums instead. Think visions, only slowed down a little. For instance there is a part in the second solo that has a descending scale section that would naturally be played with hammer-ons but instead it is strums. This charting decision does not make sense and it just feels awkward.

Songs should not be charted realistically just for challenge, I feel that's what Wavegroup did here and it was not wise. I only recommend buying this song if you like it enough, I did not find the chart to be very fun, but some might be able to find joy in it.

Let this be a template for what not to do when charting songs.
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Re-Review #1 Gigakoops
Yes, when I get to songs I've already reviewed, I'll do a knew one, in case there's any changed thoughts (since a lot of my reviews are from a year or so ago). And I can see why people would hate this chart. There are parts that I kinda wish had HOPO patterns rather than strumming it all.

However, I like songs that keep both of my hands busy. This song is at a fast enough pace to require alt-strumming, but it's slower alt-strumming and not too ridiculous. The verses and choruses are a lot of fun in this manner, since the have enough hand movement on the neck to keep that hand busy while keeping the other hand busy strumming.

Again, there are segments I can see done better with HOPOs (especially the solos). This isn't a perfect chart for everyone. But I enjoy it for what it is.
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