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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Metal
Album: City of Evil (2005)

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A great chart, but ridiculous drum solo zyyzyyzyy
When I saw that this song was still ranked on ScoreHero's top 100 hardest drum FCs (it's #97) despite all of the crazy stuff RBN released, I thought that this song was going to be insanely hard and not fun, but I was surprised. It's not that hard to do good on or even five-star, but passing it is a big pain. And yes, it's a very difficult FC, in fact it's up there with Visions and Dream Genie as the hardest on-disc drum FCs in all four RB versions.

The chart starts off with a relatively easy intro, and then you get a huge swell of yellow/green notes that leads into the main part of the song. It's actually not too bad at all, it actually pretty similar to Shackler's Revenge on drums during the guitar solo. The chorus is a lot like Ace of Spades, except you're playing with the blues and greens instead of the yellows. Hitting the bass petals can be a little tricky, but it's super fun. But after the second chorus is where this song unleashes pure evil, the drum solo.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the hardest on-disc drum solo in all four Rock Band editions, and one of the hardest drum solos in Rock Band history. It begins with a weirdly-charted yellow to red/green pattern with the bass petals charted strangely, but after that, it's all over the chart, featuring extremely fast-but short drum rolls with the pass betal in between each roll. Then you get these rolls again after the first crash, with crashes being right before the short, 3-note rolls. Finally, you get the extremely fast roll that changes notes from red to yellow to red to yellow to blue to green. It's BLAZING fast, and don't expect to get over 80% on the solo unless you're a stellar drummer.

After the drum solo, you get kicks followed by more rolls (though they are charted in lanes) that is a notorious choke point for people trying for the non-bootleg FC, but then you get into the fun patterns again, followed by the outro, which is the exact same chart as the intro.

The drum solo tempts me to give this a four star since it's too hard for 99.9% of drummers to master, but the rest of the song is super fun, and besides, you have no fail for a reason, you might as well use it for this song until you are good enough at the solo. And being someone who has five-starred every Megadeth and Rush song on drums, I cannot pass this song, so it's unlikely you will pass it first try. However, it's so fun to play the rest of the song that I almost have to give it five stars. In fact, it's easily one of my favorite drum songs on Rock Band 3, and I definetly recommend this to anyone not beginning expert drums (or spending hundreds of attempts over and over again grinding a full combo)

Grade: A-
Rate: 5/5
*Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

*Ranked #97 on ScoreHero Top 100 Hardest Drum FCs
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Well Balanced Gigakoops
This is one of my most played songs, only because literally everyone picks it every setlist for some unknown reason. But for what it's worth, it's at least fun. As where Afterlife lost it's flavor after a zillion plays, that was because that song was more "lawlhard" than this one. This song has a nice balance between the insane shit and the not-so-insane shit.

We start with a lead medley of sustains before jumping into the main riff, which has you strumming rows of green and jumping from chord to chord. This one doesn't jump all over the place, so it's not nearly as frantic as other songs with similar patterns. The chorus riff has you strumming ascending notes in different patterns, and has a fair amount of hand movement.

The solo kicks up and starts with some whammying charted as HOPO chords before going from one long HOPO chain to the next. There's a good flow here, and it provides a decent challenge.

After another verse and chorus, there's a short break with sustains and the main riff before the bridge comes, which has you moving from chord to chord in different patterns, offering a good bit of variety. Then it moves to a non-chord version of the same riff, with some string-bend HOPO sustains thrown in for good measure. And the rest of the song is the chorus and opening again.

There's a good bit of variety here, and I can see why people pick it, though I do kinda wish people didn't pick it every setlist. Funny story, a guy joined my group, he picked the song and we played it. I went to another group, and he joined in to pick it again. It's stuff like that that makes me hate playing it, despite how fun the chart is.
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