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Released October 2, 2012 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Transistor (1997)

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Beautiful Disaster (Guitar Hero)
Beautiful Disaster (Rocksmith)
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One of the better Tier 0 Keys songs I guess... Poinkish
Yeah, "Beautiful Disaster" is literally just the same two note keys over and over again throughout the whole song , switching between Yellow/Orange, Green/yellow Green/Red, and Red/Yellow, but at least it's consistent througout, with only a view brief gaps between the vocals and Guitar playing.

Compare this to other awful Tier 0 keys songs like the recent Killswitch Engage song "Starting Over", and this is a million times better in comparision, but yeah, it's okay I guess.
10.02.12 8:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
A good mix of simplicity and fun! Poinkish
"Beautiful Disaster's" bassline straddles a fine line between simplicity and fun, that iconic opening riff is identical on bass, and the parts in between are pretty nice too. Offering up a steady mix of single note strumming with offbeat spaces and changes in pace quite often.

This interesting beat between the kick-ass riff makes "Beautiful Disaster" one of the better straightforward basslines in the game. I'd totally recommend this whole pack to both bass players and Guitarists alike, not one bad song in the whole pack!
10.02.12 8:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Already On Guitar Hero? Who Caaaaares! Poinkish
Of all the songs to makes it's way from Guitar Hero onto Rock Band, this is one of the better songs. There's a fair bit of variety in this 4 minute Ska song. It all kicks off with a pretty rad riff that repeats throughout the song that has you zig-zagging between red and yellow, and then blue and orange, switching up quickly and often, it's a good start that transitions straight into a solo that throws a whole bunch of gallops and hammer-on movement up and down the fretboards. as well as some steady single note strumming as well. Then you play the main riff again.

This then leads into a very relaxing chordy section that starts out with spaced out chords, but then they get gradually closer. After that comes a constantly steady stream of two note chords and single notes that add considerably more challenge than the previous part. These parts mix up and vary throughout, and it's a good solid Guitar chart. Totally recommend this one to any Guitarist.
10.02.12 8:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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