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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Who's Next (1971)

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Dead Space + Simple Bass = Disappointment for the Who Karmeleaux
Now, I think Entwistle's bass is amazing in general and sounds great here.

But this time it doesn't translate well to the game. It plays nothing at the beginning, focuses on sustains, and in the section well the other instruments pick up, it focuses on a really weak repetitive rhythm.

I get some enjoyment out of the chart, but I love the song, and I think the bass sounds great regardless of how it plays. It's definitely not worth a look on its own, though. There are some great Who basses out there, this just isn't one of them.

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There isn't much, but what's there is great mfranko88
This is a tough chart to rate. On the one hand, the song is around 4 minutes, and the drums are in for only the last 90 seconds. So if you're playing this outside of practice mode, you're sitting for what feels like forever. In long sessions, this break might be a great respite, and the song itself is amazing to listen to, so that isn't a complete waste. On the other hand, though, when the drums finally do come in, it's classic Moon. There aren't really any set rhythms so I can't describe much, but I can say that the full drumset is explored. There is enough there to prove to be challenging, especially for drummers going for perfection, but based on the lopsided downtime to uptime ratio I don't know if I could recommend this to solo drummers who don't already like this song.
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