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Released September 11, 2012 for Rock Band
Matchbox Twenty 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Mad Season (2000)

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Surprisingly great bassline. Easily the best of the week. Poinkish
"Bent" doesn't offer a particularly challenging bassline, but what it does offer is a surprisingly varied bass chart for a song in this genre.

It all kicks off with an oddly fast series of alt-strumming that switches between yellow and red notes, it's a welcome start to what is generally a slow paced song. Following that, you get to relax with short bursts of steadily alt-strummed alt-notes that gradually move up and down the fretboard with a few gaps in between, before throwing you into a slowly strummed flourish of single notes moving up and down the board every two notes or so.

This is the main meat of the song, and for a slow song, it's pretty damn engaging. There are also a few deviations from the above pattern, including some occasional chord strumming and surprisingly tricky rapid alt-strumming towards the end which will test your skills when it comes to hitting off-beat patterns and notes.

Overall, easily the best bass of the week, and I'd recommend this to any bassist.
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