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Released October 18, 2016 for Rock Band
Rock Band Rivals Launch Pack
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Feeling Strangely Fine (1995)

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Somewhat Disappointing jellisjenius
I'll just say upfront that I went in expecting to love this song in RB as I have fond memories of '90s music like this and very much enjoyed the similar "If You Could Only See".

On guitar, though, I found it somewhat meh. It seems some folks here loved it...I can only assume that they enjoy bursts of chords for 80 percent of the song, as that's what you get here. They are enjoyable as far as chords go, but get repetitive quickly. The only thing that really breaks up the chordfest is a short series of single notes...on piano. Again, I know some people like that, but I'm on the side of preferring to play nothing rather than piano.

I know not everyone shares my preferences, but for me the combination of the two made it a thoroughly mediocre experience. I also found the whole thing a bit too easy - I FC'ed it on my sightread which is unusual for me on anything higher than the first tier.

TL:DR - If you love the song and enjoy chords and piano-as-guitar, you will be happy.
10.20.16 2:01pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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