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Released March 8, 2016 for Rock Band
One Direction 01
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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Midnight Memories (2013)

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No, seriously GEROMY
You may think that the devilheads for this song are the DLCQP staff making a funny. You would be wrong-- the song really is Impossible Tier. Does it deserve it? Not really. But it's worth noting that it will trip you up if you're not expecting it.

Most of the chart is ok-- based around playing chords in a GY YO RB pattern with a decent amount of rhythmic strumming, and an awesome-feeling four-note riff that closes off each chorus. It'd probably be two dots if the chart was just that.

But the intro, breakdown, and ending all have the guitar chart playing the bleep bloop synthesizer part stolen from reminiscent of Baba O'Riley, and it's going to put a damper on your chances of a sightread FC. It's a bit awkward but not too hard.

What makes the song weird is that experienced players will enjoy the brief HOPO interludes and be bored by everything else, while 1D fans who don't play plastic guitar all that often are going to be confused by the hard fast bits shoehorned into an otherwise enjoyable song. It's a bit of a frustrating middle ground.
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