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Released December 22, 2009 for Rock Band
Weezer 03
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Genre: Rock
Album: Make Believe (2005)

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Beverly Hills (Guitar Hero)
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Simply Beverly Easy Drumony
With its great beat, guitar riffs, and catchy vocal style Weezer's "Beverly Hills" is simply quite easy. Though I'd say this is also another fun party song without much challenge. Aside from the easiest arrangement of two chord notes being thrown at ya the rhythm pretty much goes along with the drum beat. The odd green-orange sustained chords follows here and there making you get ready to spread yer fingers along the frets of your plastic guitar. The standout part of this guitar track is its bluesy rock solos. Both simply quite manageable for your average RB player to FC with ease. The second solo offers a bit more challenge compared to the first (but not by much). If you're aiming for gold stars, this track will definitely add the opportunity for your RB get togethers or online band quickplay members something to achieve.
01.27.10 7:55am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Exactly what you expect. penguinarmygen
If you know this song (and if you listen to the radio at all, you know this song), you know that it's not going to be anything resembling a challenge. So in that spirit, it's tiered right where it should be. The only parts that may screw up a FC is when you get to the chorus and actually sing "Beverly Hills." The note tapers off in pitch, and it's easy to not start dropping your pitch too early or too late. On shorter note sections, that's enough to ruin your FC. Otherwise, most vocalists are going to be able to FC it on a sight read. You'll get this song because you know it and because everyone will jump on it at parties, but don't expect a challenge here. It has little replay value on its own merits.
12.22.09 1:22am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
What happened to the song? nascarfan19
It doesn't sound wrong, it just doesn't seem fun to be on Rock Band. It was one of my favorite songs before Rock Band and I even requested for it, but it seems my request backfired on me. The song has no variety except for the challenging beginning drum roll. The rest of the time you'll be playing the hi-hat for at least most of the song.

If you expect this song to be fun, think again. Don't buy the song.
05.31.10 11:23am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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