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Released May 21, 2009 for Rock Band
Alice Cooper 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Classicks (1995)

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Fantastic chart, despite being live Madotsuki
Theres so many great things on guitar in this track that theres really too much to mention.
Thankfully, the live recording's guitar chart is pretty close to the original, it includes the cool little hammer-on intro as well as that classic outro, among other things.
This guitar chart is pretty difficult, theres alot of cool little fills in between and plenty of tricks to keep you on you're toes.
The solo is pretty interesting, because its actually played with two guitars switching off (because Alice Cooper has two guitarists live), and thankfully, the two parts running into each other goes together incredibly well, making for a great solo chart.
Overall, this song is pretty tricky, yet its irresistibly fun as hell.
If your mainly a guitar player, this song has a great guitar chart that any guitarist will surely enjoy, and I would recommend this for you. Yes you.
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