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Released October 23, 2013 for Rocksmith

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Aloha Moon (2012)

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Nothing Magical Karmeleaux
Major Techniques: Root Note, Chord Box, Patience Mostly
Minor Techniques: None (well, technically a single use of Dead Notes and Accents, but that's a single instance at the literal end, I'm not counting it outside of this note)

Bb Bb Bb Bb Db Db Db Db Eb Eb Eb Eb Gb Gb Gb Gb. Repeat until the song ends.

Education Value: 0/10
-This song really has nothing educational to offer. The only purpose I could see this song fulfilling on bass is an alternative to Blitzkrieg Bop for someone's first song: it is slower, but there is some greater difficulty as this song has you do index to pinky reaches for the notes, so it's hardly ideal for that either.

Entertainment Value: 1/10
-If you like the song, honestly, this bass part is something you can zone out to and mostly listen to it. It's even a decent song to practice singing and playing at the same time for the same reason. It's really repetitive and completely devoid of inspiration or real room to even paint your own thing, but it honestly doesn't end up being complete torture because it's at a decent pace and short enough that it doesn't grate as hard as it could. I'll just say I didn't hate playing it to refresh myself with it before typing this, but it is most definitely nothing I would recommend to anyone.
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