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Released October 19, 2010 for Rock Band
Jimmy Eat World 02
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Bleed American (2001)

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Bleed American (Guitar Hero)
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Probably the best everything song in this pack, except on drums where My Best Theory shines for being a bit more technical probably. Definitely best in the pack on vocals imo, and indisputably so on bass.

The song is practically the same tempo as Pain, and you're strumming at the same rate, and you're playing straight eighths for most of the song but this one feels more fun because

1) when the guitar's playing that rad riff during the choruses and the intro, you play a pattern where you hit two notes, then there's some space, then there's another two notes, etc. It breaks up the monotony very well.

2) Also, during the solo there's a part where you also have mini scales that go G R Y before leading you to the next note you have to press. It's pretty fun.

In conclusion-- if you're a bassist, I don't know what you were expecting from this pack. But this is the best song in the pack on bass, dubious an honor as it may be.
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