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Released October 23, 2013 for Rocksmith

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Genre: Punk
Album: Ramones (1976)

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About What You'd Expect From a Ramones Bass Part Karmeleaux
Major Techniques: Accents, Chord Box, Root Notes
Minor Techniques: Gallops

Repetitive and lacking in any sort of challenge, this song exists mostly as someone's first song they'll learn on bass or someone's closer live when the band is aware they're too drunk to play anything else.

Education Value: 1/10
-By and large you're just playing the root notes of the guitar part, which isn't spectacular in itself. Main reason I give this any value (and I can see myself being a bit too harsh here) beyond it being the first song one learns from the game is the accents, which might bring back some beginners who are able to get other techniques down before fully getting a handle on them.

Entertainment Value: 2/10
-It's a Ramones bass part, chances it's not gonna win any awards for innovation. But the song's fun and energetic, and the bass part is partially to blame. It's short and peppy, so it doesn't get terribly grating, and the song is structured in a way that it's a decent one to practice singing and playing at the same time. Certainly not worth recommending on its own merits, though.
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