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Released October 2, 2008 for Rock Band
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

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Asterik44 - "Blood Sugar Sex Magik was written about Ione, one of Anthony..." -- Read more
A Subpar Entry From Flea, But Still Pretty Average Karmeleaux
The song begins with you playing along with the guitar rhythm identically (except for the muted notes). This means bass chords, and HO/PO chords. It's pretty cool for the intro.

But it's also the verse, where guitar deviates. It starts wearing itself down here due to the lack of variation. Then you get to the chorus, where again you play along with the guitarist, and again the guitar chart deviates while the bass keeps playing the same thing. However, the chorus rhythm does involve decent movement and a good HO/PO scale in there, so it's by no means bad.

Eventually a third rhythm (bridge?) is introduced and used one more time, which is good because this song probably would have gotten two-stars without it just due to lack of variation. This part is not particularly spectactular, but it's got some decent movement and more importantly variation, which this chart desperately needed.

This isn't going to amaze anyone new out there, but most RHCP fans can probably find it fairly enjoyable.

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Average game-wise. Asterik44
This track is pretty simple on Guitar with a couple tricky parts thrown in. Bass is likewise. Drums are a basic Y Y Y Y Y RY beat, with some throw-ins. Vocals are all pretty much talkies and many phrases are "Blood Sugar Baby, She Has It, Uh, Sex Magic!"

Song Fact:
This Song is about Kiedis' relationship with one of his girlfriends. She was crazy and they fought constantly, but he kept coming back for obvious reasons(Trying to keep this clean).

Is This Song Appropriate for Your Children?
Definately Not, no curses but the innuendo is pretty straight forward.

I wouldn't recommend this song to Hardcore Guitarists, Singers, or Drummers, but getting an FC on any song is always a challenge. I would recommend this to an RHCP fan.
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Kind of funky, with slow hammer-on chords in the beginning and a steady strum before the chorus. During the chorus there's a lot of fun stuff going on with cascades from right to left. Repeats a bit. Then the solo is pretty fun, but ends up with a completely random and insane fast chord strumming section just before it ends. It's probably an acquired taste.

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It's repetitive, and kind of simple (except for a few fast fills), but for some reason I find it hypnotizing. I haven't gotten bored with it, maybe you won't either.

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