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Released January 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Show and Tell (2004)

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Hard rockin' roller Drumony
This Philly based band with their southern-rock influence and hard rock edge to the likes of The Black Crowes and some Buckcherry are down right rockin'. "Blue Jeans" from their debut album Show and Tell is one of three singles that was released over U.S. radio stations 'bout 5 years ago. Silvertide only has one full-length album out, there were rumors for an upcoming second album then the band broke up last year and now two of the original members of Silvertide are in a hard rock band called Automatic Fire. But now you can relive some hurdy-gurdy rock in your living room by downloading this track. Basically the guitar track includes a damn good variety of movement along the frets right from the get go. Along with some on & off chord strumming, the tune also has some ho/po in the solos you can't go wrong with. That's right, you have two face melting solos to jam to. Not among your most insane guitar tracks for RB but rather a good variety of usage with the frets for any guitar player (novice-expert). Highly recommended!
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