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Released December 4, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: I Don't Want to Go to School (2008)

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A guilty pleasure m2cks
Sure, no matter what I could say, most would write off this song as "kiddie trash". Speaking purely of the song, it is, but chart-wise, this song was quite fun, if a tad repetitive.

The chart of the song is quite variable, with the verses ascending and the choruses stabilizing in a pattern. This repeats for a while with flourishes scattered here and there, but towards the middle and end there are wildly varying versions of the phrase "in this body I occupy" which would require some luck and memorization in order to succeed. There is also a pleasant "bridge" of sorts in where the drums and vocals undergo a nice buildup. This is by far the hardest part to sing, for the charting can be a little mystifying concerning the pitch (I am talking about the "in this body-I-body-I-ohhh!" part).

All in all, if one could ignore the wince-worthy sound and lyrics of the song (Diablos, the lyrics are hands down the contender for worst lyrics in a RB song, outside of Crooked X!), this is a nice buy. The low price also makes it appealing, so I ask "eh, why not?"
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Fallout Phoenix
When I bought this song, I knew what I was buying a song that's horrid on guitar and bass and a song that potentially could be awesome on drums and possibly vocals.

The drums, like the vocals start off simple and you'll wonder why we have three dots on drums, well when the breakdown starts the drum beats get harder and these two crazy fills come at you and attack andattempt to
destroy your FC attempt. This song is the most tolerable song of the two and it happens to be the one that's really
fun too

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Fallout Phoenix
I'd like to consider me to be a decent vocalist, I beat the vocal solo tour on RB1 and I can beat all the vocal songs in RB2 within the 90% area, not only that but I can sing the songs that I buy too. However, 'Body I Occupy' has got to be the hardest thing I had to sing since Foreplay/Long Time.

The song starts off deceptively simple and you'll most likely sing it just fine, but then the vocalist's pitch begins to raise up and with it all hell, maybe it's because my voice doesn't go that high but it slaughters me, it's a constant attack of raising your pitch and if you can't hold it, you'll struggle

It's definitely a challenge and it's a nasty little piece of vocal work, don't expect to FC this on your sightread and if you can't hold your pitches don't expect to FC soon at all

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