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Released May 8, 2012 for Rock Band
Rage Against the Machine 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Rage Against the Machine (1992)

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A funky bassline for Bombtrack AeonFrodo
From hearing this song, I wasn't expecting a lot of it apart from the introduction. Boy, I was wrong about that as most sections in the song have a very simplistic parts and challenging parts.

The introduction of the song is full of hammer-ons and pull-offs across the fretboard. Fortunately, they are slow enough so that novice expert players could still make it through the colourful notes. It is a pretty long introduction so it does make it a bit challenging to nail.

The chorus consists of some pretty basic notes and hammer-ons with bass chords (double notes) following the simple notes. The bass chords change from each one, with the player expected to hit Yellow + Blue, Red + Blue and Red + Yellow in that order. It makes for a really fun variation, even though it does repeat in the choruses. So for a novice Expert Bass player, they may find this song good for practicing bass chords and guitar chords and being able to move their fingers to it at a steady pace.

The verses seem really simplistic, with barely any movement at first until an across the fretboard pull-off comes up. It follows the pattern of what this song has been so far. There's a simple part, but there's going to be something challenging coming up too.

These patterns repeat in the next verse and chorus until the guitar solo plays. That is when there are a lot of hammer-ons appear on screen. They are at a steady speed so they're not difficult to nail, but it does have the player moving their fingers a lot on the fretboard.

All in all, this song did take me by surprise and it was fun to play, and bassist should pick it up if they are a fan of the band or just want some good chord and hammer-on/pull-off practice for more difficult songs.
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